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The process of conquering addiction is more than just a withdrawal cycle and some therapy. The recovery process is a process of discovering a better self and coming out a happier person than you were before. This involves being mindful of all aspects of your life, including your diet! By eating healthier foods and eating a proper diet, your brain functions at a higher level and your body feels energized and ready to move. Eating healthy is about more than living longer- it improves your mood, sleep and energy levels during and after the recovery process.

Diet For Body And Mind

Here at Choices, we understand the way diet affects your whole body and mind and incorporate it into our recovery process. We work with you to figure out the best approach to your nutrition and give you a guide to follow to help along the way. Your body and mind rely on a specific amount of each vitamin and mineral to work at its utmost efficiency. When you lock in this diet, you will notice the effects as your body finds its balance.

Everyone has a different palate determining what foods they like, some have different dietary needs and there are even allergies and medicines not mixing with certain foods to worry about. Choices will with you to find the best diet for you and help you stick to it. You will want to keep it up yourself after your body and mind have felt the balance of a healthy diet.

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